Combined casco insurance with participation in damages


All rent-a-car vehicles are insured by third party liability (compulsory insurance in case our car damages another vehicle) and also all vehicles have combined casco insurance with participation in damages, if the damage was caused by the lessee (the client) or the unknown person during the period of rent (caught damaged while it was parked, etc.).

Participation in the damage is calculated on two basis, the absolute share and the relative share of the lessee / client in the damage.


Absolute share is the amount that a customer is obliged to pay for damage to the vehicle, and it is the ammount insurance does not cover. The amount of absolute participation is defined in the lease contract as an amount not covered by insurance (" Insurance does not cover the first 200.00 - 700.00 EUR plus TAX 20%") and is charged to the clients  credit / debit card or cash deposit in case of damage.

If the damage is caused by a second vehicle, and it is its fault, you need to make a European record with all details of the accident, and all required information about the participants, photograph the accident and the place of the accident (an intersection where the traffic signs as well as both vehicles from all corners ). Also, data and phone numbers of companion or eyewitnesses are required from the site. In any case, when there is damage in contact with another vehicle, it is necessary to call the police.


The relative share is 10% of the current market value of the car (according to the official insurance agency's catalog) and is charged to the client in case of total damage caused by his fault.

Combined insurance covers the following risks: traffic accident (collision, impact, rolling, slipping, survival, as well as other destruction or damage to vehicles caused by sudden events under the influence of mechanical force, irrespective of the will of the insured / driver); damage caused by sudden thermal or falling off or hitting an object, fire, lightning strikes, explosions other than explosion of nuclear energy, storms, cities, snow avalanches, as well as falling of snow and ice on the vehicle, falling airplanes, manifestation or demonstration, earthquake, landslide or rupture land and wall damage of the vehicle's upholstery when providing assistance to persons injured in traffic accidents or otherwise caused damage to the secured item in order to prevent greater damage, as well as the measures undertaken to reduce the elimination of damage, flood, torrential and high water and the immersion of vehicles .

A police record is required for reporting the damage to the casualty policy (for all damages on the vehicle over 200.00 eur or 24.000 RSD).
A special application is required for each harmful event, damage.

The cost of issuing the police record, as well as any other administrative costs incurred, shall be paid by the lessee or the client. The cost of issuing new registration plates, traffic licenses, registration stickers and green cards is not covered by insurance and this cost is borne by the lessee / client.

The lessee / client is not covered by combined casco insurance in the following cases:

a) If unauthorized person to operates / uses the car ( person not on the rental contract).
b) If operates a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
c) If he was driving at an unadjusted speed / over speeding or out of the asphalt road.
d) If he has violated the traffic regulations and laws of the country where the incident occurred.
e) Unacceptable handling of the vehicle.
f) If the vehicle is parked outside the intended parking space.
g) If it transfers building materials, flammable liquids, liquids that leave unpleasant odors, chemicals, etc.
h) If he loses the keys and documents, or if the car is stolen as a result of a loss of keys.